Naftalan oil is one of the special medical treatments for the treatment of nerve, gynaecology, urology, skin diseases and liver diseases, joints and soft tissues associated with armor. It is extracted from the local oil resources of Naftalan. The word “Naftalan” is derived from Arabic and means a place rich in oil.

It is said that many years ago a camel caravan traveled along the ancient Silk Road through Naftalan to China. Some camels could not continue because of injuries and the owner had to endure it. Unexpectedly when the caravan returned he was surprised to find that the injured camel recovered. They found that after the camel bathed in the oil lake the disease would be fine.

The man did the same and put the oil on his injured arm and the magical effect appeared. So these clever merchants put the oil up and then sold it along the streets in major cities. When they were selling they sipped "Naftalan" and Naftalan City later got this name. Naftalan is not only a well-received oil bath, but also a thousand-year-old city. The local history and ancient architecture are worth exploring!

Arthritis is associated with other diseases,benign polyarthritis, vibration disease, ring-shaped soft fabric disease and musculoskeletal system: burtsit, tendovaginit, periartrit, miozit, miofassit It can also be easily cured by Naftalan oil.